Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

her hands. And then he kisses Josipina, hugs Srečko and me. Hello, Ballerina, he says. Ida is there, the signorina. I see her. She’s standing at a distance, smiling. In the evening Mama will tell me that she was embarrassed, poor Ida. In the evening, when Mama sleeps in my room and Tata is in my room, too. Then I see Mama step over to Ida and shake her hand. Tata does the same, as do Josipina and Srečko. Now we’re in the kitchen. I’m looking at Albert, my brother from Australia. He has beautiful eyes, Albert, like the sea, says Mama. Ida has similar eyes. Mama says that people who love each other always have something in common on their faces. Albert and Ida are handing out parcels. One for everyone. Mama says that they are presents and we must open them. I see Tata has already opened his. Mama says it’s an ashtray in the shape of Australia. Oooh, how beautiful it is, she says. Then Karlo unwraps his present. Mama says he got a bottle with photographs of kangaroos. It’s Josipina’s turn. She unwraps it slowly. Then she says: Oooh, what a beautiful plate! and she shows us it. I see Josipina holding the plate. Then I hear Albert say that a photograph of the capital of Australia is stuck on the plate. Everyone says once more: Oooh, how nice it is. Then Srečko unwraps his present. Albert says that it’s a barrel organ, where you have to turn the handle and then music plays. Albert says that it plays the song Lili Marleen . Then Mama says I should unwrap my present. I can’t. She helps me. I see her hands


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