Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

is also laughing because everyone is laughing and if it’s a holiday, she always says, everybody needs to be happy.

Then I see Karlo go to the pantry. I know he’ll come back with the accordion. He’s already here, sitting, pulling the bellows, as Tata says. And then Karlo plays and Albert dances with Mama and Tata dances with Ida and then I want to stand on tiptoe, look at the yard and sing. My ears are ringing, I’m standing on tiptoe, singing.

Ciao, ciao, bambinaaaaaa! Un bacio ancooor …

Then Karlo is no longer playing the accordion. I see Mama quickly go to the pantry. I know she’ll give me the drops. I pick up the plate that Josipina was given as a present and throw it at the door. Oooh, everyone says and Mama comes back from the pantry and gives me the drops. I see Albert and Ida looking at me. Everyone is looking at me, then they smile and Mama picks up the bits of the plate with the capital of Australia on it. I’ll glue it together, says Josipina and smiles. Then Srečko picks up the barrel organ and turns the handle so that the song Lili Marleen is played.

La la, la la la la, la la, la la la la …


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