Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll


When Sweeney heard the rírá buzzclamourtalk Of the communityhost and lovecaresstumult Of the exaltgreat fairyarmycrowd he rose up

From the sacredscionbordertree to the showerabundant trancenebulae Of the firmaments above the tops of everywhere from Mayne to Moyne, Above the ridgepolerooftrees of every quarterland-domain. For a melancholylong moonspacetime he Robin-sonnered Through Ireland, transient-visiting and griefshockrushfallsearching In rock-hard spelldefilesodshelterclefts in Carrick and the Scalp And in minor-poetdronebushthickets of tall ivy penismast-trees And in kyle-narrow covehollows in Coose among The isleshorecastletesticlestones from estuaryspit to estuaryspit

In Inver and in Binn from sweetcliffgablepeak to sweetcliffgablepeak


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