Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll


Glenbalkan is like this: Four dooropenings to the estuarywisewinds And delightbeautiful mildpleasant

castrationscrubcoppicewoodheadlands And clean-sided wells and balneary springs coldspringy and sabulous Clearcleanrainwater greengrey boglandstreams And greengreycroptop blood-tracewatercress and faint Brooklime long-trailing on the groundcentre. And lots of sorrel too and rivetmutterwood-sorrel And herbage viands and shavegrass And glowingsheepberries and garlic growing wild And atriplex and esculent sea-breezedulseintoxicant And darkblack glandsloes and Jovenobletimberbrown eyeberries. The woodloonies used to hammerpummel Each other for the best pick of the fool’s watercress - Kapow! Vronk! Zwapp! - and for the choicest bed In that smoke-cloudhollowdale.


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