Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll


Like no straitjacket or chains or Black Maria Could ever bring Houdini to heel Or keep him penned in for all that long, So Sweeney, king of escape artists and identity switchers In flight from his home in Dalnaria – Look up there, tweeters and twitchers, Wood-lovers and tree-huggers – to the heavens above Nutt’s Corner and Aldergrove,

Going off course over the Sperrins and Lough Foyle And the shifting tightrope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede Like your man in The Shaughraun of Carnteel

Or the sparrow flitting through the rafters in the great hall with long fires described by Venerable Bede And veering off over the Straits of Moyle Up to the Holy Loch and Loch Long.


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