Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Being Pine

being a clamber frame for a guilder rose being a toe-hold for a rowan’s pose being a provider to cross-bills feeding being a nest-site for sawflies breeding being a pitch pump instead of bleeding being slow about sex and even slower about seeding being a sulphur-shower pollen explosion being a site for a cone-gatherers’ symposium

being a guru of yang and yin being supple in a hurricane being evergreen being turpentine being a whisperer of verse being in harmony with burns

being a partner in tangos with gales being a ship’s mast with emerald sails being here despite armies and pulp mills being an allied supplier of ant hills being moon-tuned with tidal sap being an orgiastic wine tap being a green thing that stands in the way being this swaying being, being this way


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