Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

A note about the photographs

Mark Chester

For forty years, Mark has been travelling in Asia, Europe, South America and the South Pacific, photographing what he calls cultural landscapes, i.e. pictures of people, places and things that have touched him in some emotional, intellectual or whimsical way.

His photographs in this issue come from across Europe: page 1: Iceland – baths; page 28: Ireland – man in pasture, County Clare; page 38: Italy – men in Osteria-Bologna; page 80: Switzerland – two men at boulangerie; page 89: Sweden – two men in boat with pipes; page 113: Iceland – café; page 124: Norway – Lofoten Island; page 140: Germany – accordion player in pub; page 158: Scotland – two men; page 167: France – seaweed harvest; page 182: Germany – Schwalmer woman on bicycle; page 193: Russia – girl at a fence, and page 210: Norway – Lofoten Island (2). A collection of enticingly paired photos spanning his career, called Twosomes , is available by clicking the link, which takes you to publisher Un-Gyve's online bookshop.


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