Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Could all the hell he was catching from the Independence Party have destroyed that plan? There was something here that did not fit. Eigil felt his hand shake as he poured wine into his glass, and when he glanced toward the gate, he dropped the glass altogether. There stood his mother. The face of the person closest to him in the world was far too anxious, and her hands gripped each other, as if she were afraid to lose them. At her side were two policemen. The passenger sprang from the cutter. Like a sail his coat spread out around him, and while he hung in the air with both arms outstretched he looked just like a bird. The sight was neither unusual nor ridiculous, but Tóvó still covered his mouth, biting his fingers to keep from bursting into uncontrollable laughter. On board the cutter were three travel trunks, each holding medicine and various instruments meant for minor surgeries: scalpels, scissors, amputation saws, and a copious amount of gauze. Also, alcohol, camphor, laxatives, quinine, opium drops, and mercury ointment. The Orange


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