Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Still, he did not understand why the measles flies had not shot their rays at grandfather, or why Mogul was not affected. On the other hand, the way they behaved, there were a few cows that certainly had the measles. What they should do was go up to the small lake, Hoyvíkstjørn, and out into the Konmansm ý ri marsh and eat grass and clover and thyme; their calves could frolic so that they sprang straight into the air. Sometimes the cattle grazed all the way up near Svartafoss, and when Betta and the children went up there to pick berries one sunny day last summer, they saw several white ravens and a heron fishing in the falls. Svartafoss was not as high a waterfall as Villingardalsfoss, and it was also lower than the streams that cast themselves over the cliffs at Kaldbaksbotn, but Svartafoss was still nicer than any other waterfall. The rocks were black, and when the sun shone they were wonderfully warm to touch and sit on. Small red flowers glinted among the plants that grew along the stream and hung from the rocks, and in the rock crevices you could see bunches of yellow roseroots. L ýð ar called the high reeds that grew north of the waterfall “grass knives,” and they were so sharp you could cut yourself on them. Their mother said that rainbows also loved Svartafoss, and her children believed her. It was at Svartafoss that the rainbows’ colors were mixed. After that, proud and


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