Trafika Europe 1 - Northern Idyll

Mapping our worlds

A fine heifer was killed and flayed so they could draw the roads of all the earth on it, the pilgrim life. Mappa Mundi: map of the known world; vellum of the heart. Geographies and histories, we think we’ve caught them all in points and lines: they’re out of date before the print is dry, before a satellite can blink. But all our blemishes and laughter lines imprinted on our hearts are well beyond the terra firma of this world; sentient bearers of our souls and minds; goodly hemispheres of love, of longing; mental maps well beyond the library of all known worlds, beyond a Mappa Mundi, more than skin-deep. Forever mystified we stumble on, like airy plant-gatherers mapping the Happy Isles, the life-force held in trembling material selves, happening upon our lives as they unfold.


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