Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Between We

Themoon requires no permission – in this it is interesting. But if the treasure trove, a nut, a note, a piece of glass, are hidden – is it so necessary to seek them out? For the puzzle is – they can’t be found (with effort, one can find even that which never existed) and – what to do with that which is found? To dissolve in the air is no easy matter. Even the octopus dissolves only partially in water. And you are not even a mirror – less so, water. The snake’s skin is not mirror-like, but silken, matte. And you cannot force a snake; if anyone dances to the tune of a flute, it is not the snake. The issue isn’t forgiveness (what is reversed by means of forgiveness? I don’t know. But this did not happen. There is nothing to be negated.) The issue is only in anticipation. In anticipation of a meeting, when one thinks only about the coming meeting. Is the glass an impediment or not – put this question to your housefly. It is precisely an impediment that will save it now, in December. The little bell above the door is not the sprig of a thistle. May they all enter – but they must speak of it, even if only in the inaudible whistle of the flying foxes. We had long ago already lost interest in the game of mirrors. To see oneself over and over – boring indeed. And so instead of “I must,” we long ago have “Hello.” Instead of “resentment” (which takes up far too much space) – “anticipation”. Or “the city”. Or “a book”.


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