Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Alexander Ulanov

– it is all that you can do. And do not hold out hope that you will be noticed. No one will endeavor to meet you in sadness, because everything that comes – is also sadness, and it was here already long ago, and you also. And do not think you can offer help – your every exertion will be unneeded. Nor should you think to cease these unnecessary efforts – sadness requires feeding, it needs something that it can again and again transform into itself. The continents are slowly sliding, India is swimming towards us (what the hell for?), California is drifting away from Professor Janecek. The Baikal widens, and the sea of sadness may shrink, or it may become entirely covered over, squeezed out. Perhaps the sea will even be covered with sand, out of which airy cities will emerge and prosper, their inhabitants having to dig wells to reach the water in its depths, cautious not to use it up entirely on watering the apple orchards. But the water will never come to an end, because every sadness – is a mystery, and how may it be shored up, for here again is the threshold, and something must be done, though nothing will ever come of it. _____


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