Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

The Last Magog

for it was through a Tenger that a person would form an acquaintance with the outside world. Some even succeeded in journeying outside the barrier of the Secluded Mountains, and then, to venture beyond them. Though I had never heard of an occasion upon which a Tenger had taken it upon himself to guide a person through the mountains. They were friendly, but evasive. One time, Nishkni told me that she has a Tenger acquaintance. Just like that, she mentioned it in passing. Of course, I became curious and started pestering her with questions. She would not reveal to me what he was called, but she did say that she had met him nearby the old temple, and that she initially became very scared, but that he had reassured her and said that he had come as a friend. “So that’s how come you know everything!” I shouted out victoriously. She shook her head. No, the Tenger had nothing to do with it. He never tells her anything. Quite the opposite, it is she who tells him everything, and he listens her out, and sadly nods his head. Generally, he is sad. But she finds comfort in his presence. “So, he really doesn’t tell you anything?” I would not let it rest. “Not a thing?” Well, not entirely. It somehow develops that she finds out everything. He is silent, so sad, crestfallen, but


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