Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Editors’ Welcome

We are also pleased to present translations of poems by Aleksandr Kushner , who has published some 15 books of poetry and serves as Editor-in- Chief of the Biblioteka poeta poetry book series. Joseph Brodsky once called Kushner “one of the best lyrical poets of the 20th century”. In closing, I would like to thank the other participating translators, without whom this issue wouldnot havebeenpossible: DanaGolin (Olshvang Landauer), Sibelan Forrester (Stepanova), Max Hrabrov (Loginov), IvanSokolov,withPeterKolpakov (Azarova), Anna Navrotskaya (Vershovsky) and Carol Ueland and Robert Cardenale (Kushner).

Alexander Cigale


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