Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet


the chocolate milk. But even Malcolm, who has known Galileo practically since kindergarten, longer than the rest of us, isn’t sure how this can be arranged. He nibbles on his cream puff with his front teeth that, unlike Mirsky’s, will remain crooked because his parents don’t have money. Malcolm doesn’t even try to hide this; he plans to make it, so that he can take care of them himself. If any one of us deserves the title of “hero,” it is our friend Malcolm, so I’m sorry I ever brought up the “not Einstein” thing: forget I said anything about it. Diana begins to kick at the tree with her foot. She does it no worse than Bruce Lee himself. The tree even begins shaking a bit, and the shadows of its branches flash across our faces. And this Sunday, without Galileo, isn’t a Sunday, but.… God knows what. And Diana, even though she’s a real tomboy, and is the first to come up with something truly audacious, is also behaving strangely, like any other girl in the class. Like some sort of Emily, or Lisa. We have nothing to do with either one of those two. But I know why she’s so emotional today, and why, instead of thinking about how to knock off Galileo’s father, she’s kicking the tree. It’s because her own father is an asshole who once, when he was no longer living with them, climbed in through the window and threatened her mother with a knife. It was because of him that Diana took up Tae Kwan Do in the first place, so that if he ever again decided to climb in through the window, she could kick him in the head.


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