Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

that she didn’t have any intention to ever kiss her husband, but only ply him with food. For their honeymoon, the director of refrigeration units suggested Turkey, but aunt Ada had a hankering for the town of Anapa on the Black Sea – she had vacationed and sunbathed there as a girl in high school. And so they went off to Anapa. They rented a place outside of town from a pretty and portly little woman, half of the house with a veranda, drank wine, ate salad made from the famous local tomatoes and went to sleep, because the first night of their married life had now arrived. In the morning, Aunt Ada went out on the veranda in a dark mood. And the first person she saw was little bald Marik. It turns out he had also spent the night with them – on the veranda, or perhaps even outside their door, but he had already found time to put away his bedding and shave. “Good morning,” Marik announced, launching into his morning calisthenics routine. The newlywed Aunt Ada went off to the beach for a swim, mightily surprised. And the refrigeration unit immediately stormed off to inquire from the lady what the fruitcake performing squats and standing on his head was doing there. The landlady informed him: “This man is a tenant, very respectable, also arrived yesterday”. And she began fixing her hair.


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