Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

“One hundred percent?” “Two hundred.” Uncle Marik scanned the room in the manner of an experienced conversationalist. “Good man,” he said quietly. “A manly decision. My respect.” “Thank you for your support,” the boy was a bit baffled. “Yes, I second your emotion. Both in word and in deed!” “In what sense – deed?” “In the sense that, it is a criminal offense. I have a good friend in the public prosecutor ’s office.” “What does the public prosecutor ’s office have to do with it?” “I’ll explain,” said uncle Marik. “She is 24, correct? And you’re not sixteen yet. So, what do we have here, I beg your pardon? Corruption of a minor. Entrapment and molestation.” “It was out of love.” “Love – yes. But only if you’re alive. And if not? I will punish her.” “Who asked you to meddle??” the boy was almost screaming.


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