Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

Igor Sakhnovsky

herself from the growl in her belly and, apparently, incapable of clearly distinguishing one cannibalistic regime from another, the Widow washed the floors of the German administration. Since that time, her reputation as a snitch who was due not a shred of human mercy followed her. The widow, by the way, didn’t even presume upon any inalienable rights, and dreamed of one thing only – that when she dies, she be buried alongside her husband. Of course, no one intended to do any such thing, because the grave of the Writer is, forgive me, a literary historical monument, protected by the government. And the old woman, as has already been established, was a snitch, living out her life on people’s good will alone. But, in some ways, she even felt herself to be happier and richer than the other grand widows – their husbands didn’t even have a grave, buried as they were inside rough sacks for lugging stones, in ditches covered over with lime. Her royal prince, by a stroke of luck, died without anyone’s help, just before the show executions commenced on a mass scale, and was fortuitously enshrined onto the list of harmless romantics. So that at least she had somewhere to lay her little bouquets and to dream of one day lying down there herself. When her time had come, they buried the Widow without any undue speeches or clarion calls of wind


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