Trafika Europe 13 - Russian Ballet

The Death of Samusis

She wanted to demonstratively slam shut the glass door, but she did not succeed in doing so – the door turned out to have been dampened. Cursing obscenely, Zoya rushed to the elevator, energetically pressed several times on the button labeled “Down,” but the elevator, as though out of spite, had no intention of stopping for her. It was just then that Zoya experienced a full out attack of hysterics. What else remains to be said? Time, of course, passed. How unfolded the fate of Samusis the younger, I cannot easily say. Did Zoya eventually remarry – I do not know. Samusis the elder was buried in amodest-sized cemetery in Forest Hills, not far from the little house where, to this day, live his aged parents. As far as the joker from the HR department who had defiled the dying man in front of the whole department is concerned, in defense of the honor of the corporation to which Samusis the elder had given the best years of his life, I can report that the scoundrel was given a strong reprimand and his salary that year was raised only 2.5% instead of the 5% he had expected. A lesson to be learned; next time, he’ll play it a little smarter.



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