Trafika Europe 14 - Italian Piazza

LESSONS IN TORTURE AND SEDUCTION By Irene Chias (NOVEL EXCERPT) Translated from the Italian by Jeanne Bonner


Never simi lar, our women’s bodies. Never safe, never the same as theirs. We belong to the sex of fear, of humi l iation, the foreign sex. Virginie Despentes, King Kong Girl I’ve always nourished an instinctive skepticism of male gynecologists. What exactly steered them toward a profession in which they explore a woman’s internal organs? Don’t they find it dul ls their sexual appetites? That ’s why I’ve avoided them whenever I could. But an emergency is an emergency, and with hospitals operating according to a particular set of rules, there’s not much else you can do if a fol l icular cyst happens to burst somewhere between your fal lopian tubes and your ovaries (a rupture that you learn about because whi le visiting a Lichtenstein exhibit with your married friend, she squints her eyes and 167

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