Trafika Europe 6 - Arabesque


The novel Men Don’t Cry by Faïza Guène, translated from French by Sarah Ardizzone, is forthcoming from Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing, excerpted with permission. Author photo © Christine Tamalet. The novel The Scarecrow by Ibrahim Al-Koni, translated from Arabic by William M. Hutchins, is excerpted with permission of University of Texas Press. L’Ablation by Tahar Ben Jelloun © Editions Gallimard, Paris, 2014, is excerpted and translated by Clayton McKee, used with permission. Author photo Catherine Hélie © Editions Gallimard. Lyrics and poetry by Alima Hamel translated from French (and colloquial Arabic) by Anna Navrotskaya, used with permission. Photo: Presse Rouge. The short-story collection, Tales of the Orontes River by Zaheer Omareen, translated from Arabic by Alice Guthrie, is excerpted with permission. The novel The Foreigner’s Daughter by Najat El Hachmi is translated from Catalan by Peter Bush, used with permission. György Spiró’s novel, Captivity, translated from Hungarian by Tim Wilkinson, is excerpted with permission from Restless


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