Trafika Europe 6 - Arabesque

Trafika Europe 6 with European Arab focus EDITOR’S WELCOME

The term Arabesque can refer to two distinct decorative styles, as it shifts from the ancient Islamic world to Renaissance Europe. So too, Arab authors in Europe may find their styles and concerns evolving, consonant with their complex, intercultural role. In the present climate, it’s also worth recalling that Arab writers have been enlivening European letters for quite some decades. The six contemporary European-Arab writers who make up the focus of this issue represent quite a range – from hip family drama to mystical tales, from semi-fictionalized reportage to popular song. What these authors all share is a keen awareness of their role between cultures – a perspective well worth sampling in the light of current events. Faïza Guène , a product of the Paris banlieues , has been hailed as “the defining new voice of a generation” (The Guardian) for the savvy she brings to French culture from her Algerian origins. Ibrahim al-Koni , currently living in

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