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h OW TO C hOOSE A R EhABIlITATION P ROvIDER Acute rehabilitation hospitals specialize in intensive therapy programs to provide maximum benefits for quicker recovery, after injury, functional decline or hospitalization. There are other less intense rehabilitation programs that take longer and are available in skilled nursing or sub acute settings. Types of patients seen in acute rehabilitation hospitals include stroke, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease,

spinal cord injuries, amputations, orthopedic surgeries, and general rehabilitation for recovery from surgery or chronic illness. WHAT TO ASK WHEN CHOOSING A REHABILITATION PROGRAM 1. Is this an acute rehabilitation hospital or sub-acute program, or a skilled nursing facility? 2. Will a physician specialized in rehab manage my care? 3. What is the specialty training of the nurses and what is nurse to patient ratio? 4. What type of therapy will I receive? 5. how many hours of therapy per day will I receive? 6. how much one-to-one and group therapy? 7. What is your average length of stay? (ie. how long will it take for me to recover?) 8. What per- centage of

ehabilitation means: to restore to good health or useful life through therapy and educa- tion. Rehabilitation can help restore functional independence and dignity. The goal for rehabili- tation is to increase the individ- ual’s strength, mobility, and self care skills to return home and function within the community. Did you know that 50 MIllION Americans are afflicted with dis- abilities each year? 850,000 are stroke survivors. Many people are unaware of what rehabilitation is until they need it. Rehabilitation is offered in multiple settings and it is very important to know the difference. Therapy programs can be provid- ed at acute rehabilitation hospi- tals, sub acute rehabilitation pro- grams, or skilled nursing facilities.

your patients return home? Educate your- self on the types of pro- grams avail- able and tour the facility to get first hand information about specific care and thera- py services offered. Give you or your loved one the best option for rehabilitation services.

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