Fall 2019 Catalog (FINAL)

Yorkville Parks and Recreation

Staff Director of Parks and Recreation Timothy V. Evans, CPRP | tevans@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Superintendent of Parks Scott Sleezer | ssleezer@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4358 | Parks Maintenance Building Superintendent of Recreation Shay Remus, CPRP | sremus@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Recreation Manager Tyler Nelson, CPRP | tnelson@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Recreation Coordinator– Lead Preschool Teacher Rhiannon Harmon | rharmon@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Recreation Coordinator Steve Redmon, CPRP | sredmon@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Recreation Coordinator Jake Galauner | jgalauner@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4357 | ARC Building Parks Foreman Tony Houle | thoule@yorkville.il.us 630-553-4358 | Parks Maintenance Building

Park Board Members Mayor of Yorkville John Purcell jpurcell@yorkville.il.us

Facilities CITY HALL 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, IL 65060 ARC BUILDING Administration-Recreation Classrooms 201 W. Hydraulic Ave, Yorkville, IL 60560

City Council Liaison Joel Frieders joelfrieders.ward3@gmail.com

PARKS MAINTENANCE BUILDING 185 Wolf Street, Yorkville, IL 60560

Park Board President Amy Cesich acesich@yorkville.il.us

VAN EMMON ACTIVITY CENTER 102 E Van Emmon St, Yorkville, IL 60560

Park Board Vice President Dan Lane dlane@yorkville.il.us Park Board Secretary Gene Wilberg gwilberg@yorkville.il.us Members Sash Dumanovic sdumanovic@yorkville.il.us

Beecher Community Park Bridge Regional Ballfields Bristol Bay Regional Park Riverfront Park

Yorkville Intermediate Grade School Grande Reserve Elementary School Autumn Creek Elementary School Bristol Bay Elementary School Circle Center Grade School Yorkville Middle School Bristol Grade School

Rusty Hyett rhyett@yorkville.il.us

Kelly Diederich kdiederich@yorkville.il.us

PARKS & RECREATION BOARD MEETINGS THURSDAYS Residents are welcome to attend the bimonthly Park Board Meetings on the second Thursday of the odd months starting at 6:30pm. Meetings are held at the Parks Maintenance Building Conference Room (185 Wolf Street, Yorkville). For an up-to-date meeting calendar, please visit Yorkville.il.us. *Location and date subject to change.

STAY UP TO DATE WITH OUR RAINOUT LINE The Yorkville Parks and Recreation Department will share game cancellations and program announcements through the Rainout Line Online System. This system will allow you to view the status of your programs or leagues quickly and easily! Below are the instructions to set up your account. MOBILE APPS Android and iPhone apps are available. Once downloaded from your phone's app store, search "Yorkville Parks and Recreation" and add as your favorite. Once added as a favorite, individual programs can be chosen for updates. 2. Select program that you are interested in following. 3. Choose E-Mail & Text alerts on the left side of the page to create an account if you would like to receive text and/or email alerts. PHONE Call (630) 557-8471 to access the recorded hotline. ONLINE 1. Yorkville.il.us/rainoutline



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