Austin-Travis County EMS 2023 Annual Report

EMS Spartan unmanned aerial Systems


As response types evolve, so does our deployment of new technology. Deploying these assets provide vital intelligence on larger or more complex scenes.

Other Flights

The SPARTAN Team is the Department’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) or drone team. SPARTAN pilots are assigned across the department and are available for deployment 24 hours a day. SPARTAN pilots respond to a wide range of incidents including:


SXSW 2023

• Wilderness Rescues • High Angle Rescues • Swiftwater/Stillwater Rescues • HazMat Incidents • MCIs (Mass Casualty Incident) • Active Shooter/Attacker incidents


General Flights


Emergency Operations

Upon request, the team is also available for:

• EOC/LE (Law Enforcement) support • Fire Mission


ACL 2022

• Overhead/Traffic Support • Special Event Overwatch

The SPARTAN Team had a busy year logging nearly 240 hours of live mission flight time supporting Emergency Operations as well as Event Overwatch (not incluting auxiliary training hours).


Training Flights


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