Decade, and events like the SOS Colloquium are key to convening the various URI faculty, students, and partners who are passionate about plastics to amplify their message and foster mutual learning. Walsh stated that researchers from Rhode Island are already at the forefront of innovation in coastal science and management. The fall 2021 SOS Honors Colloquium is both a call to action that reflects the distress of coastlines in Narragansett and around the world and a path forward to sustaining our shores. From Walsh’s perspective, to get started, we must start talking. “The SOS Colloquium is a way to get many people together and on the same page,” said Walsh.

THE COLLOQUIUM PRIORITIZES THREE MAIN THEMES: climate change and coasts in crisis, the future of seafood, and plastics and marine pollution.

Photo by Erin Borbee ‘21

JOHN “J.P.” WALSH Professor of Oceanography Director of the Coastal Resources Center

Photo by Beau Jones

URI Initiative Plastics: Land to Sea SPRING | 2021 Page 55

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