“With the tremendous team working on this campaign, the two ship cruises, the analytical support and the NASA assets we have the opportunity to make a leap forward in understanding the ocean.” - Susanne Menden-Deuer

Melissa Omand and Pat Kelly are recovering the Wirewalker after an eight-day drift. Photo by Bethany Jenkins.

Menden-Deuer marvels at the scope of EXPORTS, from gaining critical insight of the biological pump functions to providing unparalleled experience for the URI team and featuring the unusual event of two research vessels working in tandem at sea. She says she, Rynearson, and Jenkins (article page 18) enjoy a longstanding collaboration as teachers, researchers, and mentors. And Omand, (article page 22) a recent addition, bolsters the tradition of an inspiring and thriving institution. “The involvement of URI faculty at both the planning and research level underscores the depth of expertise at the institution,” says Menden-Deuer. “It shows that URI and GSO are at the forefront of sea going oceanography and are involved with, what I believe to be, the largest oceanographic campaign recently funded. “This is a great milestone for URI and GSO to be involved in an absolutely magnificent oceanographic campaign, with extraordinary colleagues,” she says. “I am particularly pleased for the postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.Through this campaign, our early career colleagues collaborate with a significant slice of the oceanographic community and are part of an instant network, working on an exceptional oceanographic campaign that will propel the field and their careers forward.”

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Jellyfish and Krill in Antarctica by Cynthia Beth Rubin.

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