Arctic World Archive safeguard your valuable data? Deep inside arctic mountains with permafrost and ideal climatic conditions, on an archipelago declared demilitarized by 42 nations. The safest place on the planet for a “digital embassy” – with offline and offsite storage for valu- able data. Like what the Global Seed Vault is for plants, the Arctic World Archive will be for the world’s digital heritage and valuable data; - a secure and safe place where the data will be available when all other systems fail.


Piql and Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani, a state owned Norwegian coal mining company based on Sval- bard, represent different areas of expertise that has been able to turn what initially was an idea and a vision, into rock-solid reality. Piql preserves valuable digital data for the eternity by deploying a disruptive technology for ul- tra-secure storage and long-term digital preservation. “ It is an amazing feeling to know that my own nations memory will be kept safe for future generations to see on this arctic island. Erick Cardoso, National Archive of Mexico

In a world threatened with more and more cyber attacks, digital espionage, data manipulation and electronic war- fare, - having valuable and critical information stored on a system independent of specific technologies and kept in a secure and safe location becomes more and more relevant. The Arctic World Archive is an offline data vault that ensures the most sensitive and irreplaceable data to be protected for the future. Located in a disaster-proof vault, the information is kept in permafrost conditions far away from political and physical instabilities in the rest of the world. The data is kept offline and access is provided on demand when needed. The Arctic World Archive is connected to the www using high speed optical fiber connection.

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