Arctic World Archive


In a world increasingly threatened by cyber-attacks, digital espionage, data manipulation and electronic warfare, hav- ing valuable and critical information stored on a system independent of specific technologies and kept in a secure and safe location, becomes more and more critical. The Arctic World Archive® is an offline data vault that ensures the protection of the most sensitive and irre- placeable data for future generations. Located in a disas- ter-proof vault, the information is kept in permafrost con- ditions far away from political and physical instabilities in the rest of the world. The Arctic World Archive is a collaboration between Piql and Store Norske Spitsbergen Kulkompani, a state-owned Norwegian mining company based on Svalbard. “ Our dream is to preserve our data with Piql and be able to give this information to the next generation Luciano Ammenti CIO of the Vatican Library

Piql preserves valuable digital data for “eternity” by de- ploying an innovative solution for secure long-term digital preservation in the most geo-political stable location in the world. Store Norske is a 100-year-old established institution in the Arctic with vast experience and resources to build and maintain mountain vaults. This collaboration has resulted in a unique vault established in the decommissioned Mine no. 3 in Longyearbyen. This mine used to house the origi- nal seed vault when it first opened in 1984. “ It is an amazing feeling to know that my own nation’s memory will be kept safe for future generations to see on this arctic island. Erick Cardoso, National Archive of Mexico

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