What we do - behind the scenes

WORKFLOW FOR PRESERVATION This is the main workflow for preservation; writing the data onto the film. It consists of the following steps: Transferring the data Data owners upload their digital data through their own document management solution or directly to a secure file-sharing document platform. The Piql solution supports different protocols (FTS, SFTP, HTTP, file share and web services) for control and data commu- nication, allowing integration with any document man- agement system. Piql will integrate with solutions like Archivematica 3 , a digital preservation system that allows to process digital files before recording on film in compliance with the ISO 14721:2003 certified OAIS reference model. Archivematica uses best practice preservation metadata standards and simplifies file format normalization (to proper archival file formats). Data integrity The quality-check of the data integrity aims at pre- venting unintentional changes to information and ensures the data is recorded and retrieved exactly as intended. Before printing the data, Forward Error Correction (FEC) techniques and checksums are used to make sure the accuracy and authenticity of the data is kept during the entire preservation process. After the file is received, checked for virus and nor- malized to a preservation file format, a checksum is generated for the file, sent back to the data owner for verification and saved in the Piql database for future verification. Then the file is decoded and split into small

Digital data frame. Magnified section to the right.

elements of information (binary form) that fits into a frame on the film reel. For each frame to be recorded another checksum is generated and added to the data frame, then sent to the data recorder. Before recording, each frame checksum is verified to assure data integrity during transmission.

Data writing When the reel has been virtually created as a set of recordable images (frames), the reel is written onto film by the piqlWriter.

Frames of data on a film reel.

PiqlWriter is a high-speed industrial grade data re- corder writing at 40 MB/s. When the operator has loaded film and closed the cover, the writing starts automatically. The solution uses piql- Film, a high-resolution photosensitive film specially designed for longevity and high density digital writing. After the reel has been written, the operator puts the film in a developer cartridge ready for processing. Piql- Writer requires dark-room conditions only during load- ing and unloading of film.

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