Gourmet Gourmet 2021

882 Nutty Pleasures ® Pristine peanuts are submerged in fresh caramel and enrobed in creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. box. $14. Cacahuate y caramelo cubiertos de chocolate. 883 Almond Bark Creamy milk chocolate and crunchy almonds are blended in small batches and poured with care. 7 oz. box. $15. Pedazos de chocolate con almendras. 884 Peanut Butter Swirls Creamy roasted peanut butter covered with a generous milk chocolate coating. 6 oz. box. $13. Dulce de chocolate con relleno de crema de mantequilla de mani 885 Coconut Dreams The finest coconut from the Philippines combined with smooth dark chocolate. 6 oz. box. $13. Sueños de coco con chocolate oscuro 886 Cookies & Cream Dreamy combination of chocolate cookie bits surrounded with creamy, sweet white confection. 6 oz. box . $11. Galletas & Crema 887 Peppermint Bark Rich layers of dark and white chocolate confection are sprinkled with pieces of cool peppermint candy. 8 oz. box. $15. Pedazos de chocolate con menta. 888 Katydids ® Rich, buttery caramel and large fancy pecans smothered in pure milk chocolate. 8 oz. reusable canister. $17. Chocolate Katydid's. 889 Cashewbacks ™ Fresh cashew pieces covered in caramel and milk chocolate. 7 oz. box. $15. Anacardos cubiertos de cara melo duro. 890 Double Chocolate Covered Almonds Whole crunchy almonds double dipped in creamy milk chocolate. 7.5 oz. bag. $14. Almendras cubiertas con chocolate. 891 Peanut Brittle The classic taste of salty sweet perfection. Roasted and salted peanuts surrounded with sweet candy mix. Glu- ten-free. 8 oz. carton. $11. Mani con azucar. 892 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dots The ultimate combination, creamy chocolate chip cookie dough covered in pure milk chocolate. 6 oz. box. $15. Maza de Gallatea con Chispas de Chocolate. 893 Coconut Almond Treasures Tender coconut flakes are tossed with fresh almond pieces and coated with creamy milk chocolate. 6 oz. box. $12. Almendras con coco. 894 Peanut Squares Crunchy, salty, bite-sized squares of peanuts covered with a sweet glaze. Gluten-free. 8 oz. bag. $11. Cuadritos de Cacahuate.

882 Nutty Pleasures ®

883 Almond Bark

888 Katydids ®

890 Double Chocolate Covered Almonds

889 Cashewbacks

884 Peanut Butter Swirls

885 Coconut Dreams

891 Peanut Brittle

892 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dots

887 Peppermint Bark

886 Cookies & Cream

893 Coconut Almond Treasures

894 Peanut Squares



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