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020 hasn’t been the most Wedding-friendly year, whether you’re newly engaged or had to postpone your event, there are still things that won’t change, what you’re going to wear and dealing with Wedding stress! So if you’re planning a big event, something smaller or even planning to elope we’ve got a few tips for you...

How to avoid stress on the big day?

THE WOW FACTOR - picking the right dress

Careful preparations, contingency plans and surrounding yourself with supportive people - and/or a fantastic wedding planner - can all help to ease the tension as the big day approaches. We’ve spoken to several married women who have generously imparted their words of wisdom for brides and grooms-to-be…

For an occasion that is supposed to be the best day of any couple’s life, weddings inevitably carry with them a degree of stress for all involved.

Who to take with you? Some brides-to-be prefer to go shopping on their own, at least on the first reccie, so that they can take as much time as they want without annoying anyone! However it’s good to have someone with you who you know will be honest and tell you if you look wonderful – or not. Your mum (and mum- in-law to be) may well want to come, as will any sisters and your best friend(s). And when you stand in front of them in THE dress, they won’t need to say anything; the look on their faces will say it all. Do check with current COVID and the boutiques guidelines as to how many people are allowed to attend an apppiontment.

Keep it in the family Wearing a dress that is a family heirloom is a wonderful tradition. Perhaps the dress goes back a number of gener- ations and was worn by your mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Classic styles and quality fabrics never date and retro is very fashion- able. It would be fun to display some photographs of the dress from those previous oc- casions. If the style is not quite right for you then take it to a clever designer/dressmaker and see what alterations can be made to make it look more contemporary. Remember to pack it carefully away when your big day is over so that it’s ready for the next generation.

Dress to suit your body shape

To have or to hire? You may dream of wearing a designer wedding dress for your big day – however you could well find that it is way out of your budget. Don’t despair; hiring a gown means you can have the dress of your dreams at a fraction of the cost. Another advantage is that you can choose from a number of top designers. The dress is likely to be the very latest look which is important to brides who are very fashion conscious.

I t’s very easy when choosing your wedding gown to get carried away and follow the latest fashion trend. However what suits one person will not necessarily suit another. You need to think carefully and ensure that the cut, shape and style will suit your body shape. Dress to flatter your figure. Pick something that will accen- tuate your best points – while cleverly disguising the parts you are not so thrilled about – and we all have those Dress to suit your personality The way we dress often reflects our personality so why not choose a dress that says who you are? If you are a free spirit, a bit of a hippy at heart, then a bohemian style might work well. Are you very tra- ditional? You might be more comfortable with a classic style that never goes out of date. Perhaps you like to dress in a unique way and be different - so embrace that individuality on your wedding day and wow everyone with your style.

“Remember, the day is meant to be fun and there’s no point in stressing – it’s basically just a great party! Do as much of it yourself as you can and where possible use friends or family as suppliers, as it all adds to the special touch – and works out cheaper!” Charlotte, Ringwood

“Having a good maid of honour and best man makes all the di erence — four minds are better than two. Don’t worry about the little things, as at the end of the day, everyone remembers the ceremony, dress, venue, food and speeches.” Rowan, New Milton

For the older bride - what is age appropriate?

Is there a rule that says you cannot walk down the aisle in a white wedding dress after a certain age? Absolutely not!For many women, age brings confidence and you are more likely to be aware of what suits you. A veil and train is traditionally said to be only for brides getting married for the first time as it symbolizes youth and innocence. You could have a floral head-dress or an elegant tiara as an alternative.

“Remember, it’s your day so don’t let other people pressurise you into doing what they want – they can use their suggestions on their own big day!” Nicky, Lymington

Vintage and pre-loved There’s no rule that says you have to buy a brand new wedding dress. Dresses from the 1920s to the 60s and 70s are very distinctive in style and you could reflect the era in the wedding theme, even in the music. Check out vintage spe- cialist shops and websites and see what you can find. Charity shops, there are even charity bridal shops, are another good place to look, especially if you are trying to keep to a budget. Make an appointment It’s likely that most bridal boutiques will want you to make an appointent, so they can adhere to COVID guide- lines as well as guaranteeing plenty of one-to-one time with you. These people are experts; they know the latest trends and will advise on the best dress to suit your figure and price range. It’s a good idea to tell them what your maximum budget will be in advance. Trust them and be prepared to try a number of dresses, you may be surprised to find that a gown you almost over- looked is the one that suits you the best!

Dress to suit the season

Your wedding day is not a day to be thinking about dressing sensibly! However you might need to give a little thought to the weather, especially if you are planning a winter wedding. Have a glam- orous shawl, wrap or cape to wear if it is really cold. Or add warmth with some silk underwear. In summer your wedding dress might feel hot, especially if it is very full, so think about the fabric, a natural material will be cooler than something man-made which can make you feel uncomfortably hot.

Beauty that lasts a lifetime

Handmade wedding rings in gold, platinum and palladium, lovingly crafted to last a lifetime.

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