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161 1895 (15 Mar.) An embossed ‘CUSTOM HOUSE CHEFOO’ cover form Chefoo registered to England, on front bearing Dowager 1st print 1 cand to 24 cands complete set of 9, tied by’ CHEFOO’ seal chop in black x 6, 24 cands overstruck ‘R’ registered frame chop in red, alongside with overprinted ‘Chine’ on Peace and Commerce 25c x 2, one stamp damaged at top right corner, another cover the lage ‘REGISTERED’ oval chop in red brown, both tied by ‘SHANG-HAI.22.3.95’ Fr. P.O cds. manuscripted ‘19’ in red cryon, with ‘REGISTERED/LONDON/ arrvial cancel in red, date not clear. On reverse, with ‘CUSTOMS/CHEFOO/15.3.95’ whcih matched the ‘CHEFOO’ black seal chop on front, ‘CUSTOMS/SHANGHAI/17.3.95’ transit and ‘REGISTERED/ S.W.D.O/29.4.95’ arrival on cancel at left bottom, very rare complete set of 1st print Dowager on registered cover. Photo HK$ 100,000 - 140,000


162 1894 (14 Dec.) A CHEFOO 1c green stationery card to Germany, alongside with Dowager 1st printing 2 cands green, both tied by ‘CUSTOMS/CHEFOO’ cds, additional Reichpost 10pf red, tied by ‘SHANGHAI/18.12.94’ Gr. P.O cds. On reverse with ‘CUSTOMS/CHEFOO’ cds. center folded. Photo HK$ 10,000 - 12,000


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