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197 1904 A red band cover from Hunan registered to Peking, on front bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 2c red x 3, tied by ‘HUNAN’ Lunar char. Cds, handstamped registered frame chop in black char. On reverse with bilingual ‘CHANGSHA/26.9.04’ transit and ‘PEKING/Four’ Letter Box arrival cancel. fine. Photo HK$ 2,000 - 2,500 198 1905 (2 dec.) A red band cover to Peking locally, on reverse bearing CIP Coiling 1c, tied by bilingual ‘PAOTING’ oval cancel in black, with faint Tombstone cancel. On front also tied by char. Letter Box in black. Photo HK$ 5,000 - 6,000 199 1905 (4 Oct.) An opened cover to Germany, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 10c green in pair, tied by char. ‘CANTON/HOYUN’ Lunar cds (河源) with bilingual ‘CANTON’ cds alongside and Germany 8.11.05 arrival cds on reverse, center folded and some toning. Photo HK$ 3,000 - 3,500

200 1905 A Postage Due postcard to Shanghai locally, bearing Postage Due 2c blue, tied by ‘SHANGHAI’ Lunar cds, with large ‘T’ black chop above, ‘SHANGHAI/LOCAL POST/31.7.05’ arrival cds, minor toning. Photo HK$ 3,000 - 3,500 201 1906 (29 Nov.) A red band cover double registered to Yangchow, on reverse bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 2c scarlet x 7, each tied by ‘KIANGSU/YANGCHOWFU’ char. Lunar cds. on front with illigible registerd frame chop in red , With the same Lunar arrival cds, dated ‘30.11.06’ aith a book worn at the top, but harmless to any stamp and cancellation. Photo HK$ 2,000 - 2,500



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