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Provinces & Japanese Occupation

394 1927 Overprinted ‘For use in Ki- Hei’ on 2nd Peking print Junk, $5 Hall of Classics block of 10, each stamp with hand overprinted in deep blue char of different areas for Anti- Bandit, hinged on top and bottom sheet margin only, full of original gum, very fresh on both sides. Chan KH20. Photo HK$ 20,000 - 24,000 395 1929 Overprinted ‘For use in Ki-Hei’ on Unification 1c to $1 complete set of 4 x 3, mint and fresh. Photo HK$ 900 - 1,200 396 A small group of the overprinted ‘For use in Ki-Hei’ on various commemorative sets, including Marshal x 2, Unification, SYS State Burial, and overpainted ‘For use in Yunnan’ on Tan Yen Kai, both mint and hinged. Total 5 sets. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,200 397 1947 The SYS Second Peiping Central print, $500 pale rose red, with image slightly offset on reverse, fine used. Chan NE64. Photo HK$ 500 -600 398 194? An air mail to Peiping, on reverse bearing SYS 2nd Peiping print $44 in pair, tied by unclear cancel, with bilingual ‘PEIPING; arrvial cds, date not clear. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000 399 1915 1st overprinted ‘Sinkiang’ on 1st Peking print Junk, 1/2c to $1 complete set of 16, hinged and minor toning. Chan PS1- PS16. Photo HK$ 1,200 - 1,500 400 1915 The 1st Overprinted ‘For use in Sinkiang’ on Junk, short set of 11, from 1/2c to 15c, mint and minor toning. Chan PS1- PS11. Photo HK$ 200 - 300 401 1938 A Shanghai overprinted ‘For use in Sinkiang’ on Peking print Martyrs 3c brown block of 4, with top sheet margin and sheet number, mint and full of original gum. Rare. With Experts & Consultants cert. 2014. Chan PS131. Photo HK$ 30,000 - 35,000 402 1940 Overprinted ‘For Use in Sinkiang’ on SYS 25c ultramarine vertical strip of 3, with vertical paper fold variety, the top stamp with small thin, unmounted and minor toning. Chan PS143var. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,200

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