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Ex. 418


Ex. 420


418 1898 Overprinted ‘China’ sloping 56 degrees, 3pf to 50pf complete set of 5, plus 1902 surcharged with Chinese currency on Germany stamps (inscribed Detsches Reich) 1c on 3pf to 2 1/2d on 5m complete set of 10, with watermark, both mint and lightly hinged. Chan FG7-FG12, FG35-FG44. Photo HK$ 1,500 - 1,600 419 1900 A Boxer Rebellion Postage Due overprinted ‘China’ 3pf green stationery postcard, alongside with overprinted ‘China’ on 5pf yellow green, both tied by ‘HANKAU’ black frame chop and bilingual ‘POSTAGE DUE/T’ 2 straight black chop, and bilingual ‘HONKOW/30.4.00’ arrival cds. Photo HK$ 4,500 - 5,000 420 1900 Kiautschou 3pf. To 5 m complete set of 13, plus cents values x 5, mint and lightly hinged. Chan GL9-GL21. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000


421 1900-01 Handstamped ‘China’ in black diagonally on German REICHPOST on 3pf, 5pf, 10pf, 20pf,30pf, 50pf, 80pf complete set of 7, plus the unissued 25pf and 40pf, each with ‘Georg Buhle’ black chop on reverse, except 3pf, 5pf and 20pf The above 9 stamps were stuck on one inside page of the book named ‘Unsere Marine in China’ of 1901 by Alfred von Muller. With the photo copy of Experts & Consultants cert. 2006, David Feldman cert. 2021. JAKUBEK cert. 2004. Briefmarkenprufstelle Basel, on 25pf, 40pf, 50pf. cert. 2001. Roger Calves cert. 2006 and Bernard Behr cert. 2006 . Photo HK$ 100,000 - 120,000


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