HK046-Main catalogue

181 1907 (18 Mar.) A CIP 2nd issue stationery card to Shanghai locally, tied by ‘SHANGHAI/LOCAL POST’ cds, with printed message on reverse, some toned spots. Photo HK$ 600 - 800 182 1908 (26 July) a 3rd issue 1c stationery card, size 116mm. Minor toning at both corners, from missions Hospital, Kayingchow to Deutschland, tied by bilingual ‘SWATOW’ cds, missing one stamp. With ‘HONG-KONG/29.7.98’ transit on reverse. Han 4b. Photo HK$ 2,000 - 3,000





183 1898 (17 Feb.) An ICP 1st issue 1c red stationery card, mixed franking to London, England, bearing ICP Coiling Dragon 1c x 3, each tied by ‘CHEFOO’ Dollar chop, one stamp with ‘HONG KONG’ cds, alongside QV 2c carmine in pair, tied by small ring ‘SHANGHAI/21.2.98’ Br. P.O cds, Webb type Fii. a few dirt marks. Photo HK$ 10,000 - 12,000 184 1899 (18 Jan.) An ICP 1st issue stationery card to Soochow, tied by ‘SHANGHAI’ Dollarchop with ‘SOOCHOW’ Dollar chop arrival cds in blue, with month index’ JAN’ “N” reverse variety, fine. Photo HK$ 2,200 - 2,400


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