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208 1898 (2? Nov.) A postcard from Shanghai to Triest, Austria, bearing CIP Coiling Dragon 1/2c in pair, 1c & 2c, tied by ‘SHANGHAI’ Dollar chop, and one of the 1/2c tied by ‘SHANGHAI’ Pakua cancel, alongside with overprinted ‘Chine’ on French Peace and Commerce 20c, tied by ‘SHANG-HAI/29.11.98’ Fr.P.O cds, ‘TRIEST/30.12.98’, fine. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,200 209 1897 (15 June) A mixed franking Japanese picture postcard to Tientsin locally, bearing the Red Revenue large revenue surcharged 2c on 3c, tied by single ring ‘TIENTSIN/I.J.P.O’ Japanese P.O. cancel, alongside with overprinted “”China’ on Japanese Chrysanthemum 4c (top left corner damaged) tied by the same cancel, with the same cancellation underneath, damaged at the right side. extremely rare. With Peter Holcombe cert. 1997. Photo HK$ 25,000 - 30,000


210 1895 (15 Mar.) An embossed ‘CUSTOM HOUSE CHEFOO’ cover form Chefoo registered to England, on front bearing Dowager 1st print 1 cand to 24 cands complete set of 9, tied by’ CHEFOO’ seal chop in black x 6, 24 cands overstruck ‘R’ registered frame chop in red, alongside with overprinted ‘Chine’ on Peace and Commerce 25c x 2, one stamp damaged at top right corner, another cover the lage ‘REGISTERED’ oval chop in red brown, both tied by ‘SHANG-HAI.22.3.95’ Fr. P.O cds. manuscripted ‘19’ in red cryon, with ‘REGISTERED/LONDON/ arrvial cancel in red, date not clear. On reverse, with ‘CUSTOMS/CHEFOO/15.3.95’ which match the ‘CHEFOO’ black seal chop on front, ‘CUSTOMS/SHANGHAI/17.3.95’ transit and ‘REGISTERED/S.W.D.O/29.4.95’ arrival on cancel at left bottom, very rare complete set of 1st print Dowager on registered cover. Photo HK$ 80,000 - 100,000


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