(p.1-53) HK034-Dr SYS

Ex. 2068

2068 1943 (28 Feb.) A domestic registered cover from Anshun to Chengtu, on reverse bearing SYS New York print 50c in pair and ‘Postage Paid/Domestic Registered’ stamp label, both tied by char. ‘KWEICHOW/ANSHUN’ ‘ 安順 ’ cds, with bilingual ‘PAHSIEN/ CHUNGKING/28.2.43’ transit and bilingual ‘CHENGTU/2.3.43’ arrival cds on front, plus another SYS 50c in pair on cover from Shanghai registered to Wuyang, with additional SYS Chung Hwa print 16c and HK print Martyrs 20c, tied by bilingual ‘SHANGHAI/29.4.43’ arrival cds. Photo HK$ 1,400 - 1,800



2069 1943 (28 Feb.) The Russian Stamps Exhibition in Shanghai FDC x 2, each with SYS NewYork print 8c in single or in pair, one cover with surcharged 3c on SYS 5c x 4, both tied by char. Commemorative cancel. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000 2070 1943 (5 June) A SYS 8c light green stationery card with additional SYS New York print 1c and Chung Hwa print 16c, tied by bilingual ‘HANKOW’ cds, the postcard rate to Japan was the same as domestic rate. Photo HK$ 700 - 1,000


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