(p.1-53) HK034-Dr SYS

Ex. 2114


2113 1947 (8 May) A cover from Shanghai to Chekiang, on front and reverse bearing various types and issues of the CNC surcharged stamps, total 17 values, a nice philatelic item. Photo HK$ 500 - 600 2114 1946 A small group of CNC Chungking Central surcharged on SYS $20 on 8c New York print on covers x 4, with pairs or block of 4, including express registered covers, one cover with Daijiachang to Wuchang, bearing block or 4, tied by char. ‘DAIJIACHANG/3.9.46’ ‘ 戴家場 ’ cds. All are mounted on presentation page. Very fine. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000

Ex. 2115

Ex. 2116

2115 1946-47 A small group of CNC Chungking Central surcharge and Chungking Dah Tung surcharge on SYS New York print issues on covers x 4, including express mail to India, air mail reg. mail to USA, air mail to USA and domestic mail, each cover has various franking and are mounted on presentation pages. Photo HK$ 800 - 1,000 2116 1946-47 A small group of the CNC surcharged on SYS issues on covers x 4, sent to local and overseas, including registered cover to USA, and a Military cover from Nantong to Shanghai. Photo HK$ 1,000 - 1,200


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