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Notary public services Public Notaries in England and Wales form the third and oldest branch of the legal profession in the UK. Notaries are a small and highly specialised branch of the legal profession who are qualified to prepare and certify documents that have been signed in England and Wales for use abroad. Notaries have a duty to the transaction and the authenticity of documents providing complete impartiality and honesty.

Foreign languages Richard is able to draft and notarise documents in French and German where required. Often documents for use abroad are prepared in languages other than English. Richard, Jonathan and Jenny will notarise a document in any language provided that they: n are confident that you understand the content of the document and its affect upon you once executed; n establish that you trust the competence of the person who drafted the document in that language such as a bilingual lawyer or a qualified interpreter; and Where you are bringing to us a document prepared by someone else, we will not advise you on the appropriateness of that document’s content (unless we agree otherwise) or its suitability for the jurisdiction it is to be used in so it is vital that you have taken your own advice on those issues. Legalisation and apostille In addition to notarisation the document may also need to be legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to authenticate the notary’s seal by way of an apostille certificate. Whether this is necessary depends on the legal requirements of the country where the document is being sent. Additionally, some countries also require certification by the High Commission, embassy or consulate of the country where the document is to be used. The FCO in Milton Keynes accepts applications for legalisation in person and by post. The fee for a single apostille is £30 plus postage and usually takes up to seven working days for postal applications to be processed. For urgent matters the FCO in London provides a same day premium service for £75 per document. When using the premium service we can arrange for a courier to take the document to the FCO and return it either to you or to us at a secure address. We can also arrange to send documents overseas by international parcel couriers if required. Fees Our usual minimum charge is £200 plus VAT per document but where there are multiple documents or a number of copies of the same document, a discount is often possible. Alternatively, we may, where appropriate, work on a time spent basis. All fees are subject to VAT unless the client is based outside the EU. Courier and taxi services will be charged as an additional fee and added at the end of the transaction. Contact us To make an appointment with Richard Frimston at our Putney office, please contact his secretary Deborah Dayley on: +44 (0)20 8394 6211 | To make an appointment with Jonathan Thornton at our Putney office, please contact his secretary Samantha Cullen on: +44 (0)20 8394 6545 | To make an appointment with Jenny Bird at our Putney office, please contact her secretary Deborah Dayley on: +44 (0)20 8394 6211 | n have an English translation of the document with which they are satisfied.

Russell-Cooke has three notaries. Richard Frimston, partner and head of the private client group qualified as a notary public in 1995. His notarial practice is long established and attracts a mixture of private individuals and corporate clients. Jonathan Thornton, partner and head of the corporate group qualified as a notary public in 1997. His notarial practice focuses mainly on corporate clients, with a particular emphasis on the emerging markets in the Far East.

Jenny Bird, associate in the private client group qualified as a notary public in 2015. Her notarial practice is developing and she is able to assist both private individuals and corporate clients.

Richard, Jonathan and Jenny are able to authorise, prepare and certify documents including:

n preparing and witnessing powers of attorney n taking declarations, affidavits and oaths n witnessing signatures on documents to deal with land, property and finances overseas authenticating company and business documents

n witnessing personal documents for applications to marry or work abroad

attestation of deeds verifying certificates



n certifying identification documents for individuals and in the case of corporate clients of directors, company secretaries and any other authorised signatory of a company

Requirements Notaries are required to confirm the identity and UK address of every client. For private individuals , each signatory must bring one of the following:


n proof of address such as a bank statement or utility bill displaying your current address


n drivers licence (with photocard)

n birth certificate or EU national identity card

For corporate clients , notaries are required to verify the existence of the company which you represent. This can be one of the following documents:

n an extract from the current companies register n company incorporation documents

n certificate of goodstanding

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