College News_January/February2016

college leadership

DR . J OHN F L EM I NG Dean P: 512.245.2308 | F: 512.245.8386

MS . DE B A L L E Y Chair

Department of Theatre and Dance P: 512.245.2147| dra lley@t Of f ice: 101 THEA

jf18@t Of f ice: 112 OM

MR . K E V I N D. G I L L E Y Assistant to the Dean, Outreach P: 512.245.9170 | k.gilley@t Of f ice: 112 OM DR . M A R Y E L L E N C AV I T T Associate Dean, Professor Music Education School of Music P: 512.245.8450 | mc58@t Of f ice: 141 MU DR . L AU R I E F LU K E R Associate Dean and Associate Professor School of Journa lism and Mass Communication P: 512.245.2529 | lf 04@t Of f ice: 308 OM DR . J OE Y M A RT I N Associate Dean and Director of Chora l Activities School of Music P: 512.245.3830 | jm59@t Of f ice: 146 MUS

DR . T HOM A S C L A R K Director School of Music P: 512.245.2651 | tc24@t Of f ice: 101 MUS MR . M I CH A E L N I B L E T T Director School of Art and Design P: 512.245.2611 | mn25@t Of f ice: 2112 JCM

DR . J UDY O S K A M Director School of Journa lism and Mass Communication P: 512.245.2656 | Oskam@t Of f ice: 102 OM

MS . L E A N N E SM I T H Director Division of Dance P: 512.245.2949 | ls14@t Of f ice: 178 JOW DR . M E L I NDA V I L L AGR A N Chair Department of Communication Studies P: 512.245.2165 | mvilla@t Of f ice: 205 CENT

MR . K A R L BOY S E N Director College Advising Center P: 512.245.1932 | kb04@t Of f ice: 110 OM

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