Birds of the Magaliesberg 2023

Preening time

Our Mission is to protect African vultures through collaboration and innovation. Our Objective is saving all African vultures from extinction through: • Vulture rehabilitation to release as many as possible back into the wild. • Use non-releasable birds to contribute to the wild population through a captive breeding program focusing on 6 African vulture species, releasing all successful fledglings into the wild. • Monitoring and understanding the spatial ecology of African vultures on how they utilise their environment across Africa, through telemetry studies. • Monitoring population trends and breeding success of Cape, Hooded and African White backed Vultures across South Africa, through annual breeding surveys. • Impactful research including key veterinary studies to better the survival of these species in the future. • Using all avenues available to educate and create awareness in the local and international communities on the importance of African vultures.

Young vulture on artificial rock wall

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