De Beers Impact Report - December 2020

Building a Creche

While visiting a local creche in our community our school noticed that in one specific creche there was a great determination to provide excellent care for over 150 young children. The head of the creche was totally committed to her children and was dong her absolute best to ensure she gave a good ECD service to the community. However we discovered a serious lack of adequate facilities which include a set of holes in the ground for toilets (no privacy whatsoever and totally exposed) as well as a class which had a caving in roof as just a few of the most pressing issues. We decided to help as much as we could and we are now in the process of building two new classrooms as well as proper toilets. We are making the bricks on site and including the community in the build project. Briershof Primary School supports a number of conservation projects in the area. We have in the past included rhino awareness as part of our teaching and also we support Lion Watch and Vision Africa Wildlife in their efforts to conserve and raise awareness for rhinos and lions. Working with the AWCRC we have also hosted and provided environmental programs in the bush to further instill a love for wildlife and the environment for all our learners which we hope will remain a part of their thinking through out their lives even after finishing school! good quality education in our community and including a strong environmental and community assistance component is very important to us! “ “ Briershof Primary School in Alldays will continue to provide essential, Environmental and Conservation

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