Guidelines - Responsible Exchange and Volunteering 2018

Annex 4 - Code of Conduct – SAMPLE – customize to suit your organisation

[Organisation Name] has a very strong professional reputation and while you are here you are a representative of the organisation. Therefore, we ask you to respect and abide by the following:

General guidelines: ✓

sensible clothing for teaching / working environment ✓ show suitable respect for project schedule and times ✓ participate in all scheduled activities ✓ no ipods or mobile phones during lesson time (unless an emergency) ✓ no eating or drinking during teaching time in classroom ✓ respect the religious and cultural values that the school hold ✓ Project staff to be informed should you plan to be off-site for an evening or more (any persons not at the house will be reported missing immediately and the police will be involved – this is purely in the interests of your safety and not in an effort to control you )

The following rules MUST be adhered to and [Organisation Name] reserve the right to terminate your project if they are seriously broken. ✓ no racist or sexist language or actions ✓ no excessive drinking on school nights ✓ not going to school drunk or smelling of alcohol ✓ no illegal drugs while on project ✓ no getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking ✓ no visitors (or school kids) to the volunteer house

Within your living space ✓

No parties or noise (after 10:00pm is quiet time) ✓ Clean-up after yourself ✓ Washing on the lines not the furniture or communal areas ✓ Be water-wise (short showers as we are a water scarce area) ✓ Be energy wise ✓ Report breakages and respect the space

Furthermore, 1. We request that any grievances, in-house politics, tensions or personality conflicts are brought to our attention and effort is made to resolve this for the good of your experience, others experience and the benefit of the project that you are representing. 2. Conflict or unease with staff at the school or [Organisation Name] staff must be raised immediately with management.

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