WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020


Computer literacy is an essential skill without which employment options can be limited. This is also a crucial skill required for studying further and for starting small businesses.

Not having a driver’s license is a significant barrier to finding full time employment.

Many participants are struggling to cope to with past and present traumas, family pressures and challenging circumstances. Mental and emotional health can have an impact on one’s development. The lack of psychosocial support can impede the success of interventions such as TGC. Entrepreneurship is key. Employment opportunities for youth are limited. It is therefore critical to support entrepreneurial youth to establish their business through practical business training and financial support. Mentoring is a crucial component of any youth development intervention and can always be improved. Mentees need to be paired appropriately to mentors. The quality of mentoring varies from host to host.

Lack of connectivity in certain rural areas is a major impediment for TGC graduates who are looking for work, enrolling in studies or establishing their businesses.

Endlessly and blindly training guides is not a sustainable option. There are a limited number of opportunities for trained guides on the Wild Coast and competition between guides can result in conflict.


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