WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020


Some barriers to sustainable youth development are structural in nature and cannot be addressed by TGC alone. However, there are several improvements that can be implemented such as:

Integrate computer literacy module and facilitate access to laptops and internet.

Integrate driving lessons and tests. Negotiate with driving schools and funders to subsidise the costs.

Provide psychosocial support throughout duration of learnership.

Adapt training programme to focus more on entrepreneurship development.

Host/mentors need to be supported to build mentoring capacity through workshops. Mentors to be reimbursed for their time and other inputs. TGC alumni should be integrated into subsequent funding cycles as peer-to-peer mentors. Those who establish successful businesses may even host new Green Coast stewards eventually.

Partner with organisations that provide affordable reliable wireless internet to rural communities through Community Internet Networks.

Foster productive partnerships which support the successful exit and professional development pathway of project participants with sustainable livelihood development as a key aim.


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