WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020

entrepreneurial youth that can be supported further to establish small businesses and become job creators as opposed to job seekers.

These new tourism-related small businesses require a regular influx of customers and hence sustainable destination development needs occur simultaneously. The Green Coast Award provides an excellent platform for promoting low impact eco-tourism, attracting responsible tourists to niche rural destinations and experiences. Visitors to Green Coast awarded beaches can expect an educational and quality beach experience. The Green Coast Award encourages the recognition and protection of natural and cultural assets and provides a marketing platform for Green Coast trained guides and affiliated community- based tourism businesses. Five of the 21 pilot beaches (Chintsa, Morgan Bay, Kei Mouth, Qolora and Bulungula) have converted to full Green Coast status with Green Coast flags proudly flying at their sites. The Green Coast Award programme is ongoing with annual reapplications required to maintain Green Coast status. This lends sustainability to the model with an ongoing programme which anchors continued investment into projects that continue the work that the Tourism Green Coast pilot has initiated. Further investment into Tourism Green Coast and the Green Coast Award Programme will build on the strength of what has been achieved to date delivering impact towards National development goals.


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