WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020


CONTACTS Kerry Mclean (Tourism Green Coast Project Manager) kerry.mclean@wessa.co.za

WESSA would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge those individuals and institutions that have actively involved in the project cycle, from its development stage to project completion. First of all, sincere thanks the funders and supporters. To the Department of Tourism and the Expanded Public Works Programme for financing the project that made its implementation possible. And to the Ford Wildlife Foundation for sponsoring the project vehicle which carried staff, materials and equipment safely over challenging terrain. Secondly, a word of thanks to the team at the Department of Tourism as well to all members of the Project Advisory Committee for steering, supporting and providing oversight of the implementation of the project. Finally, sincere gratitude to all the host employers, consultants, trainers, local community groups and other parties as well as individuals, whose names cannot be each mentioned here, for their respective excellent cooperation and support in one form and another to project implementation.

Vince Shacks (WESSA Sustainable Tourism General Manager) vincent.shacks@wessa.co.za Taryn Van Neel (WESSA Coastal Programme Coordinator) taryn.vanneel@wessa.co.za


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