WESSA Tourism Green Coast Summary Report 2018-2020

The Tourism Green Coast (TGC) Project is funded by the Department of Tourism (DT) through the Expanded Publics Work Programme (EPWP) and implemented by the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). The pilot has tested a sustainable development model that trains youth while identifying and supporting the preparation of coastal sites to apply for the Green Coast Award. This is achieved through stake-holder engagement, youth skills development, environ- mental monitoring, environmental education and awareness and community facilitation. The long-term aim of these interventions is to support inclusive sustainable livelihood development in rural coastal communities while accruing long term benefits to people and the environment. Tourism Green Coast promotes marine and coastal conservation by encouraging public and private participation with sustainable tourism and small scale enterprise development as key drivers towards the long term aim. The primary target stakeholder group is the youth residing in coastal communities rich in natural and cultural assets. Previously unemployed youth from low income households are recruited to take on the role of Green Coast Stewards and become caretakers of and ambassadors for their destinations. Local tourism business host Green Coast Stewards for a two-year period providing mentoring and workplace experience while they complete their Tourism Guiding qualification. Upon graduating, Stewards are either absorbed by their host employers, find employment, study further or start their own businesses all contributing to local economies. Government institutions fund and steer the project and support the development of Green Coast sites. Scientific institutions and agencies make use of ecological data generated by Green Coast monitoring which hopefully inform management decisions in the long run. WHAT IS TOURISM GREEN COAST?


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